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Romanian Roots, European Branches

Romanian Roots, European Branches - First Romanian Arts Exhibition at the Canterbury Festival

Adsum Cultural Society from Romania in collaboration with CURSS (Canterbury University Romanian Student Society) would like to invite everyone to visit the first Romanian traditional art exhibition at the Canterbury Festival. The exhibition Romanian roots, European branches will take place during 18-30 of October 2010, in St Peter's Anglican Church, Canterbury.
The 26th edition of the Canterbury Festival takes place from the 16th to the 30th of October in and around Canterbury. Being a celebration of all arts, the festival attracts around 80,000 visitors every year.
At this year’s Canterbury Festival, Adsum Cultural Society will bring traditional Romanian art objects, created by the artist Dan Horgan, the sculptor Florin Cristea and the artist and writer Melania Cuc. The three artists are all members of the ‘Worders’ Guild – one of the four main divisions of Adsum. The ‘Worders’ Guild’s main objectives are to promote traditional Romanian art on European and International levels and to support the preservation, continuity and revival of Romanian customs and traditions.
The Exhibition is also the follow-up of one of Adsum’s projects – the Summer School “Tradition and Handicraft” (25 July – 8 August 2010) – which involved the participation of 17 teenagers who have studied the art of traditional religious paintings. Therefore, some of the 79 exhibits Adsum is bringing to Canterbury are actually the work of these talented Romanian teenagers.  
Adsum Cultural Society and CURSS would like to thank St Peter’s Anglican Church in Canterbury for offering to host the exhibition, the Canterbury Festival for all their organizing advice and the website for media support.
For more information about Adsum and the Canterbruy Festival, please access the following websites:,  and

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